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Hemorrhoids Cure - Part 2

hemorrhoids cure

Should I tell my girlfriend if I suspect she has an internal hemorrhoid?

Diogenes said:

During the sexual game, I inserted a finger into his rectum and I felt what I believe to be a small internal hemorrhoid. I think it's a sensitive case and did not mention anything. If you mention this to her, she is embarrassing, or will be grateful that I was quite thoughtful look for things like this?

what should one do if he is shy of doctor & have severe problem of piles & fisher with pain & bleeding?

mustang_291 said:

What should one do if the doctor is shy of &; has severe problem of & piles; fisherman with the & in pain, bleeding

my friend is a fisher man in KSA.he has ill of PILES. Two times he did oparation. Now here warm above 45. Dr?

sayanth_varakkath said:

Life is only once. My friend, suffering from the desease of the piles. His famely is poor. His name is Eugin, Indian.Iam from Kerala. he, T. Nadu. HIM A MAN FISHERMAN. Working at this time is crying. Is a patient of the pile. Made twice Oparation.Here the temperature is above 45. One day, 3.4 times blood flow with sharp pain. Iam asking doctors around the world, that, please, what I do for him? what food is good to serve? When he goes fishing, come back to shore after 7 days. When the pain is starting, he who using "medicine, HADENSA. Its his wife that transmits from India. 'm Asking doctors MEDICINE WHICH IS GOOD FOR HIM? What can I PROBLUM? Please express your opinion about him, good medicine. He who does work in KSA. POOR famely. HIS WIFE AND PATIENTS OF HEART. Is the owner living hell. The first man, I got. He is the man of good character with everyone and everyone. It is more than reqesting all physicians around the world … now he cannot do pray for ones with more opration in a year.

How do you apply rue care oil to internal hemorrhoids?

onlylogic89 said:

says for internal hemorrhoids apply the ointment of the buds of cotton, but do not know what that means. what the frick is the ointment cotton bud?

What should I do about chronic hemorrhoids?

fertface said:

How painful is it to have the banding procedure done for hemorrhoids?

beechersgirl said:

Aconsidering treatment options for hemorrhoids and I heard about the treatment of ligature or band. If anyone has this, how painful?. How about the treatment of IRC, Infared therapy, coagulation, does that hurt m? Lto?

Colonoscopy was done and there was hemorrhoid’s found in the last portion of small intestine. Causes?

PlayinDaGame said:

So my mom did do a colonoscopy and has forgotten to ask his doctor about the cause there to be hemorrhoid 's the last part of the small intestine. The last part is found to be the ileum, because it goes from the duodenum, stomach, ileum. Does anyone know the causes of being hemorrhoid 's there? Any help appreciated! Thank you!

What are the best treatment for hemorrhoids?

Shim said:

My friend has tried almost all creams and in time his piles get more? better. But after a few days it ''ll return. C '? I know the effective treatment to permanently remove hemorrhoids?

How to cure hemorrhoids without taking medicines?

James said:

is there a way to naturally treat hemorrhoids? What should I avoid and what to eat intro? thanks.

Will hemeroids go away on their own?

ABC123 said:

I have a small hemeroid that I don 't want to tell my parents about and go to the doctor and get medicine, so is there any way to make it go away without medicine? How long will this take?